It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than This as White Sox Pen Implodes in Ninth Inning of Twins Finale

We thought it was the Metrodome, but based on today’s utter disaster in Minnesota maybe it doesn’t matter where we play the Twins in the Twin Cities.
It all looked so promising. A 6-3 lead going into the bottom of the ninth with a lot of positive signs and the chance to even the series and go up 2 1/2 games on the Tigers and 3 1/2 on the Twins. Then the roof fell in. Bobby Jenks imploded and left an impossible situation for Sergio Santos. The Twins scored four in the ninth for the comeback win.
Forgive me for not rehashing the details. I’m spent and just happy I didn’t throw the remote at my new flat screen TV. And please don’t tell me it’s only a game and the Sox are still in first place. I’m not in the mood and it’s a good bet that I’ll be sleepless as the Sox head to Seattle.
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