What Else is New? Twins 7, Sox 6; South Siders Fall Five Games Back in Division Race

There’s really not much more to say. Despite the White Sox’s admirable resiliency and the ability to play the Twins close (it’s the third straight 7-6 Sox loss in Minneapolis), the Twinkies are clearly the better team right now and we’re getting dominated. Just want to get out of town and start fresh this weekend in Kansas City.
There’s nothing more unwatchable for me, baseball-wise, than seeing the White Sox play the Twins in Minny. And even though it’s a different venue than in the past, the tradition continues.
Frankly, I’m sick of it.

Ozzie knows best
Our manager is right about defending his decision to let Jim Thome go. Gentleman Jim has been terrific this season against the league and against the White Sox and has benefitted in terms of playing time from Justin Morneau‘s injury. 
But amid all the emotion surrounding his game-winning blast two nights ago, which may have realistically ended the Sox season, let’s get real about Thome. For all his contributions, too many times during his tenure in Chicago he struck out, grounded out or walked when a run-scoring double or home run was needed–and he was a major clog on the bases.
I know he’s a great guy and Sox fans are making this a rallying point, but let’s not blow this out of proportion and, worse yet, revise history.

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  1. twnzfan

    Much as we might love to hate each other, the Twins/White Sox rivalry is a great one. You guys could have won both of the games this week (maybe that’s part of the frustration). It is definitely not over. We do love having Thome here, but Ozzie is right. If Morneau hadn’t been out so long, Thome would not have gotten so many at bats or would have taken them away from Kubel or Young. Here’s to a great fight all the way to the end of the season! But let’s have none of that game 163 nonsense. Even if you do win it, your post season opponent has spent that time resting and preparing for the play-offs. A big advantage.

  2. TheSmiler

    Ozzie was right. Love Thome but it was the right decision. The failure was Williams not getting an impact bat. Not a HR bat, but a consistant bat.

    The meltdown has been painful to watch …


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