Time is Running Out as White Sox Head Home

The White Sox team that lost the last three games of the now-completed 10-game road trip didn’t come close to resembling the club that won the first seven in Cleveland and Boston. 
Subpar pitching, leaky defense and a silent offense plagued the South Siders in the final three games in Motown as the trip ended with a 6-3 Pale Hose loss to the Tigers. A 7-3 road trip is usually cause for celebration, but not after you’ve lost three in a row at the tail end and the team you’re chasing refuses to lose and has now built a six-game cushion.
Based on how they’ve played the past three days, the Sox just seem like they’re exhausted from the chase–both the run up to the All-Star Game when they took the A.L. Central lead and again this past week when The Good Guys played exemplary ball during the winning streak.
It’s deflating for sure, but give the Sox credit for staying alive up until this point, especially after their horrendous start. Remember, most of us thought we were out of it in May–at least they made the summer a enjoyable and competitive one.
And though time is running out, maybe a miracle will happen as the White Sox head back to Chicago.
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