All Hail the 2005 White Sox: 5 Years Later

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the 1-2 pitch to Palmeiro. A ground ball past Jenks up the middle of the
infield. Uribe has it…he throws. Out, out, a White Sox winner and a world
championship. The White Sox have won the World Series and they’re mobbing each
other on the field.”

Sox radio announcer John Rooney made this historic call on October 26, 2005.  As we take note today of the fifth
anniversary of that monumental moment, I’d prefer to savor it than lament it’s
been half a decade with no repeat performance.

I have told friends that on this day five years ago culminated the most memorable time in my life because
of a confluence of events surrounding the first White Sox world title in 88

It was sharing the moment
with my 82-year-old father, fellow White Sox fans old and new and with my
patient New York-born wife who at one time couldn’t understand what my South
Side passion was all about. And, of course, feeling that my 50-plus years of
loyalty was rewarded. Simply put, heaven can’t be any better than what I
experienced during the Sox 11-1 run against the Red Sox, Angels and Astros that

One of the elements of the
Series title that stands out to me is all the good fortune the Sox had during
the 12 games. Why was that so special? Because, for the most part, from the
Black Sox scandal in 1919 to ’05, not too many breaks seemed to come the Pale
Hose’s way.

As we reminisce and
celebrate, here are some of those wonderful turning points that contributed to
the ’05 championship:

*    Because of the luck of
the rotation, Red Sox ace
Curt Schilling did not pitch in the American League Division Series.

*   The error by Boston’s Tony Graffanino, a former White Sox, preceded Tadahito
three-run home run which
proved to be the decisive blow in Game 2 of the ALDS.

*   There were three
controversial plays that involved
A.J. Pierzynski. The big one came on a bad call on a dropped third
strike by former Pale Hose catcher
Josh Paul in the ninth inning of Game 2 of the American League
Championship Series against the Angels. It set the stage for
Joe Crede‘s walk-off double and an important Sox triumph 

*   The Sox did not face
eventual ’05 Cy Young Award winner
Bartolo Colon of the Angels–a former and future White Sox–in the

*     Astros’ great Roger Clemens left Game 1 of the World Series after two innings
because of injury.

*    Jermaine
was awarded first base in the
seventh inning of Game 2 of the World Series as a result of being hit by a
pitch, even though the ball actually hit his bat. The next batter,
Paul Konerko, blasted a pivotal grand slam.

*  Commissioner Bud Selig ruled that the roof at Minute Maid Park remain open during the course of the World Series in Houston, infuriating the Astros who enjoyed a distinct “closed roof” advantage during the season. With the roof closed and the crowd noise at a much higher level it was definitely a plus for the home team.

*   While they weren’t
literally “breaks,” the stars must have certainly been aligned for us to
, homerless throughout the regular season, hit the game-winning
blast in Game 2 of the World Series and seldom-used
Geoff Blum smash a homer to decide Game 3. Not to mention that
reserve infielder
, in his only at-bat in the
series, singled and scored the winning (and only) run in the decisive Game 4,
won by the Sox 1-0.

the memories. Happy 5
th anniversary!




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