When You Least Expect It, Expect It…

On the surface, the White Sox have only a couple of roster spots to fill this spring. But with Kenny Williams at the helm, you never know. With KW, when you least expect it, 
expect it.

With that scenario in mind, here are five questions to consider:
* Will the Sox find a way to acquire Ozzie favorite Michael Young and his sizeable contract?
* Will the likes of Edwin Jackson and Carlos Quentin be trade bait to free salary to sign Young or others?
* If Young is out of the picture and Brent Morel wins the third base job, will the Sox find a taker for Mark Teahen‘s overpriced pact?
*Instead of going with internal personnel like Phil Humber, Lucas Harrell or Anthony Carter, will the Sox obtain a veteran fifth starter before Jake Peavy returns or a reliever?
* Will there be a fourth outfielder available somewhere that the Sox would deem more valuable than Alejandro De Aza or Lastings Milledge?
It all starts tomorrow with pitchers and catchers.
It’s a longshot at best, but wouldn’t Michael Young look great in the Silver and Black?

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