The CQ Factor

Angels White Sox Quentin Baseball.jpgAdam Dunn. Paul Konerko. Juan Pierre. Alex Rios. Gordon Beckham. A.J. Pierzynski. Alexei Ramirez. A pretty formidable offense to be sure.
But you know who could be the most important piece of all? In my opinion, Carlos Quentin.
CQ has been flying a bit under the radar in light of Dunn’s arrival, the re-signings of Konerko and Pierzynski and the emergence of Ramirez as a star. But remember that just three seasons ago he was the golden boy and a favorite to win the A.L. MVP until his unfortunate injury. And last year, considered a down year, he still slugged 26 homers and drove in 87 runs.
My Quentin theory is based on the fact we pretty much know–or we think we know–what to expect from all the players mentioned above. Because of Quentin’s injury woes, though, he’s somewhat of a wild card and actually was mentioned in trade rumors during the offseason. But a healthy, productive Quentin could make an already potent lineup an offense that is off the charts and one of the best in baseball.

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