Sox Pen Implodes, Thornton Fails Again

I really don’t know what to say. As I was getting ready to celebrate our eighth victory and a series win over the A’s, the roof fell in. What else is new?
Another blown three-run ninth inning lead, Matt Thornton‘s fourth blown save without recording one and poor performances by Chris Sale and Jesse Crain proved to be too much to overcome as we lose, 7-4. For the record, we lead the major leagues in allowing 12 ninth inning runs. Not good, not good at all.
I really don’t feel like extolling the virtues of John Danks‘ outstanding eight-inning performance and recapping any of our offensive exploits. The bottom line is that we blew another one and we look nothing like a contender.
Even though his new team is having its own struggles, somewhere Bobby Jenks is laughing.

One comment

  1. keleighannah

    I was firmly in the “give Matt Thorton at least one more kick at the can before we can really see what’s what” camp. And, then, when they finally do give him his next chance, the bases are loaded with one out. Perfect time to prove what you’re made of. (See: Brian Fuentes for the second time this series.)

    And, here we are again. The ninth inning is killing us. And, possibly me.

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