How is Kenny Williams Feeling These Days?


                                     Is he angry about the horrible start?
kenny williams white sox ozzie argument-thumb-572xauto-219180.jpg
                                                   Is he blaming Ozzie?
                                 Is he on his cell trying to shake up the roster?
                                                         Is he tearful?
                              Is he blaming himself for the Jake Peavy deal?
              Is he experiencing guilt over disappointing his Commander in Chief?

Let’s hope that whatever our GM is feeling these days it will just be a bad memory as soon as the Sox turn things around.


  1. BigEJac

    Yea Bobby is not a set up man he is a closer and that is why he is doing worse in Boston. They need to make a trade for a closer, well I hope he does because I picked the White Sox not only to win the Central, but also to win the American League and go to this years Fall Classic against my Phils.

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