We Really Stink

charlie-brown-baseball-aaugh.jpgI’m certainly not giving up after 21 games, but the truth is that the White Sox are currently unwatchable.
That happens when you can’t hit, field or, for the most part, pitch. It reached a new low today as the Sox now occupy the basement in the A.L. Central as a result of the 9-0 beating at the hands of the Tigers. They are also tied for the worst record in baseball. 
With all the offseason moves and high expectations, the Sox performance so far is inexplicable. They are simply not this bad. Or are they? Perhaps Gordon Beckham isn’t as good as we thought, words can’t describle how awful Adam Dunn has been and Alex Rios has been dreadful. We all know that we don’t have a closer, but the fact we’ve lost eight of the last nine we haven’t needed one. Especially since we usually get behind big early.
The problem here is that there’s really very little Kenny Williams can do. The pieces are in place. And Ozzie‘s hands are pretty much tied. He can make a lineup change here and there, but the 25 we have pretty much represents the team we’re going to stay with. We just have to wait it out and hope things get better.
Unfortunately there is no rest for the weary. We face the 3-0 Max Scherzer tomorrow in the finale of the Tiger series and then it’s on to New York to face the Yankees for four. And we all know how successful we are at Yankee Stadium.
Aaugh! is right.


  1. keleighannah

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that Charlie Brown can sum up any feelings I have about this baseball season far better than I can.

    I’m almost convinced that things actually can’t get worse (although, you know what happens when you assume), so maybe there isn’t anywhere to go but up.

    It would be nice, however, if things got better before our win percentage didn’t equal our team’s current collective batting average.
    Watching the Dandelions Grow

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