White Sox Cruising in Reverse, No End in Sight

A muffed relay throw by Paul Konerko, a wild pitch by John Danks that gave the Orioles a four-out inning and ultimately a game-changing homer, a mishandled ground ball by Alexei Ramirez and a “wild” performance by Jesse Crain resulting in four unearned runs without the benefit of a hit.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your 2011 White Sox, 10-4 losers last night in a season that is quickly unraveling before our eyes.
Captain Konerko says creating a sense of urgency would create tension and tension is the last thing you want in a 162-game season. GM Kenny Williams tells fans not to panic. I keep telling myself it’s early and it will get better. Surely, we’ll turn things around when we get to the Cell. Not so much.
The truth is that we are an awful team right now and arguably the biggest disappointment of the young baseball season. I’m tired of all the talk and really tired of having to write about what has become a train wreck dressed in silver and black.

One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    Seems like the team is just missing one guy to push it forward. Just one seeing eye hit or strikeout at the right moment to push the game in the White Sox’s favor.
    We all know Ozzie is frustrated, wonder how doom and gloom-filled the clubhouse is right now.
    A few well placed victories against a foe and the White Sox could emerge from this funk.
    If not, it is going to be a long Summer.

    Rays Renegade

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