Turning My Back on the Blog for the Greater Good

taking a break.gif
I feel for those poor baseball beat writers who have had to cover the disaster that has, up until now, been the 2011 White Sox. The difference between the scribes and yours truly is that I’m a fan and they’re not. So, while the reporters are witnessing the carnage, they don’t have my emotional investment–an investment almost 60 years in the making.
While I’m not throwing in the towel by any means and will continue to watch faithfully, I’m taking a hiatus from the blog until further notice. It might be a day, it might be a week, but recapping these games after watching them is like leaning into a left hook. It’s painful.
This is my way of preserving some of my sanity and at the same time challenging the baseball gods to stop this madness.


  1. andersconrad12

    I know what you mean about writing the game recaps – some of these have been tough. I’ll miss reading your thoughts, man. I check your blog every day =/ I look forward to when the Sox start winning so that you can come back!
    – Anders (The Hitless Wonders)

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