It’s Gut Check Time for White Sox

As heartening as the White Sox recent play has been, it will all amount to nothing if they don’t step it up on this road trip.

The 6-3 West Coast swing and 5-2 homestand were great steps forward, but the bottom line is that after last night’s shutout loss to the Rangers, we’re now five games under .500 and 10 games behind the Indians despite sweeping the A.L. Central leaders last week in the two-game series at the Cell.

In order to get back home on June 3 in decent shape, the Sox will have to tough out the next nine games. It’s hard to say how many games they need to win because a lot has to do with the Indians. And, unfortunately, the Tribe shows no signs of letting up as evidenced last night with their come-from-behind home triumph over the Red Sox.

The Sox simply have to excel in all phases and show some toughness if they are going to survive this tough stretch. One thing I’m sure of, however, is that the underachieving troika of Adam Dunn Alex Rios, and Gordon Beckham has to turn it around–and quickly–or we’re going to be sunk.

In Dunn’s case, I was sufficiently warned by those who have seen him play on a regular basis that his hit or miss approach will drive Sox fans crazy.  The worst part is that we’ve seen all the misses without the benefit of his mammoth home run power which saw him blast 38 in each of the last two seasons with the Nationals.

Because the Sox have 10 games to make up in the standings, it’s not early anymore. And if the South Siders have any hope of reaching the postseason, they need to realize the next two weeks could very well determine their fate.


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