You Can Put it on the Board: Another “L”

Today was excruciating. The White Sox had chance after chance to overcome a slim Texas lead and the opportunity to take the series from the Rangers, but the South Siders couldn’t get it done.

Although the Sox narrowed the margin to 2-1 on a Paul Konerko single in the seventh, we left runners on first and second  as Alex Rios grounded into a DP, the third of the day for the Pale Hose. For the record, a Rios misjudged ball in center, along with a Gordon Beckham error, were responsible for the only two Ranger runs.

We left runners on first and third in the eighth as pinch hitter Adam Dunn struck out (what else is new?)  and Juan Pierre grounded into a force out to kill the rally.    

After Neftali Feliz walked Carlos Quentin and Konerko in the ninth, we left the tying run on third as A.J. Pierzynski flied out to end the game.

Aside from a fine seven-inning performance by Gavin Floyd, positives were hard to find in the 2-1 loss. Unless you consider the fact that the Sox remained nine games in back of the Indians, instead of dropping another game behind. The Tribe was clobbered by the Red Sox, 14-2.



  1. Laimis

    For your own health’s sake, do not worry where the Indians stand. White Sox teams of late are very frustrating but it gets worse if you keep track games behind and things like that. Too early.

    Keep up the writing, your emotional ups and downs are entertaining.

    • mlblogsartofthepalehose

      I appreciate your kind words. You’re absolutely right that it’s too early to keep track of the standings, etc., but it’s bound to come up when you write every day. The emotional ups and downs come with the territory and the fun part of being a fan and a blogger.
      Hope you keep reading!

      PS–My health is fine and I don’t take the losses as hard as it may appear 🙂

  2. WrigleyRegular

    I’ve seen most of Floyd’s starts this year, other than a couple of games he has been excellent. He just didn’t get the runs he needed yesterday

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