Thank you!

The latest leaders by page views was released today and I’m happy to say that Art of the Pale Hose ranked No. 24 among all blogs on the MLB network for the month of May. It’s my highest monthly ranking since my first effort in July of 2009.

I don’t write the blog for rankings. I write because of my passion for the White Sox and for the opportunity to express my joy and frustration as I live and die with my favorite team. But it’s gratifying that there are folks out there reading the blog. And I’m fully aware that I’m ranked this high because of your loyalty, and not because I have the talent of the great baseball writers.

I also want to congratulate three talented new friends who join me in blogging about the Pale Hose. They were all ranked as well and deservedly so. They are The Hitless Wonders (26), The Wizard of Ozzie (43) and Watching the Dandelions Grow (48)

Thanks for the support, please keep reading and let’s hope our Sox can turn it around soon.


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