Good News, Bad News and a Possible Solution

John Danks‘ first victory after eight losses, Paul Konerko‘s 13th homer and clutch RBI singles by Gordon Beckham and A.J. Pierzynski proved to be the difference tonight as the White Sox moved to within six games of the Indians with the 3-1 triumph over the Mariners and their impressive rookie hurler Michael Pineda.

That’s the good news. The bad news–again–was the performance of Adam Dunn. It was another empty effort with his 0-4, including two strikeouts, and an error that contributed to Seattle scoring its lone run. I don’t pretend to be a baseball genius, but I know this–I’ve seen enough.

Ozzie smartly decided to allow the slumping Alex Rios to take yesterday and today off in the hope it would help him relax and turn things around. The skipper has to do the same with Dunn or the Big Donkey may spiral totally out of control. It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to watch and the boo birds are there every step of the way.

My suggestion is for at least the next two games, Carlos Quentin should be the DH with Rios in center and Brent Lillibridge in right. It’s the correct thing to do in any case, but with Cy Award winner Felix Hernandez on the mound tomorrow night and lefty Jason Vargas on tap for Wednesday evening, why not spare Dunn the agony.

It can’t hurt and it just may help him get back to his National League form.


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