Admit it, you were asking yourself the same question I was asking myself in the ninth inning of today’s series finale against the A’s: Is it possible that Sergio Santos will blow two 5-3 leads in the ninth in the same series?

Thankfully the answer is no, but it wasn’t easy. The Sox closer escaped a heap full of self-induced trouble with the benefit of a favorable call to end the game as Sox nemesis Coco Crisp was called out on a bang-bang play at first, stranding the tying and lead runs.

For the middle of June, there was a lot at stake today. The win shaped the following headlines:

* The Sox are now only 3 1/2 games behind the A.L. Central lead as the pacesetting Tigers and Indians both lost.

* The South Siders moved to within two games of the .500 mark with the 6-4 homestand and are 33-35 as they head to Minnesota and Phoenix. A far cry from where we were a few weeks ago.

* Phil Humber, the find of the year, won his sixth game with yet another fine outing.

* Adam Dunn‘s three-run homer, his seventh, was a sight to behold.

* Like Dunn, it looks like Matt Thornton, who pitched a scoreless, hitless eighth, has turned things around.

* Paul Konerko drove in his 52nd run and trails only Boston’s Adrian Gonzalez among A.L. sluggers.

One comment

  1. Keleigh

    I wasn’t so much asking myself that question – it came out of my mouth more like a statement. That 9th was WAY too close for comfort. We’re going to have to do way better than that in Minnesota. But, just for today, I’ll take it.

    And, it is nice to see Adam turning it around. It appears that he’s changed his whole approach at the plate from when I saw him in person a few weeks ago. It seems like it’s working. One home run every 2 games, the occasional sprinkled walk or hit sandwiched between his usual strikeouts? Probably what we should have been seeing all along, and I’ll definitely take it now.

    And, after all is said and done, the biggest question I have today is “when did he officially change from Phil to Phillip?”

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