An Altogether Miserable Evening at the Cell

Games like tonight make you wonder if the White Sox are ever going to make a legit run for the A.L. Central title. And to make matters worse, it was a loss at the hands of the Media Darlings from the North Side.

Blowing a 3-0 first inning lead, which was fueled by a Carlos Quentin RBI single and a Paul Konerko two-run blast (No. 20), our familiar “quiet bat” syndrome took hold from innings two through nine.

Add that to a Gavin Floyd meltdown– he gave up four runs in the sixth on a solo homer by Starlin Castro and a three-run belt by Carlos Pena–and it was a disastrous 6-3 loss to the Cubs.

I’ve written it what seems like a million times, but if  Adam Dunn (0-4 with three strikeouts) and Alex Rios (a harmless ninth inning single in four at bats) don’t significantly turn it around, we’re sunk. And the most puzzling aspect of all is the manner in which Dunn has become almost an automatic strikeout victim. What ever happened to his annual output of nearly 40 homers and 100 RBIs? Simply amazing.

The 2011 White Sox are certainly testing our patience. And if a win isn’t in the cards, how about a late inning rally once in while? The truth is, when the Sox got down 6-3 the faithful was pretty sure it was a lost cause.

And it was.



  1. Keleigh

    (Warning: Wherein I speak as though I know what I am talking about… –> )

    It was brutal. I sometimes wonder if Ozzie can’t bring himself to give up on Gavin when he’s in the middle of a meltdown. He sometimes seems to leave his starters in a little too long, but it seems like he’s particularly bad at it with Gavin (and, with a limited sample size, Peavy). I am a huge Gavin fan (for better or worse), but Gavin seems so mentally fragile that when he starts to meltdown, it doesn’t seem like it’s – usually – stoppable. I had to turn off the game after his first shaky inning, because, unfortunately, I’ve seen this game before and I didn’t want to stay around and get my heart broken.

    Ugh. Maybe things will be better tomorrow?

  2. WrigleyRegular

    Konerko has been crazy hot the last week. I didn’t think he could repeat last season, but he sure is.

    At least this year I didn’t have to wait long for Ozzie to get kicked out during a Cubs-Sox game. He does it every year and it’s getting a little old.

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