Trouble in the Mile High City

Notes and quotes on the White Sox’s  3-2 extra inning loss last night to the Rockies:

* The winning run scored from first base on a single in the 13th inning (pictured above) when centerfielder Brent Lillibridge seemed to nonchalant the play.

Lillibridge explains:

“We’re playing no doubles in one of the biggest ballparks in this league. (Ty Wigginton) bloops it right there behind second base, and the first thing I’m doing is sprinting in there. Once it stops, I have to make sure. I can’t go in on a bare-hand sprint and miss the ball. I’m not going to make a mistake there. I’m going to make sure I get it.

“Right when I looked to see where the runner (Troy Tulowitzki) was, I saw him rounding third base so I gathered myself, made a one-hop throw to home plate and take a chance and he was able to beat it. It was close, but it was a good call by the third base coach. It was just one of those weird things that you never think a guy would send him, but he knew what he was doing and they got the win out of it.”

* Lillibridge was in center because Ozzie pulled Alex Rios from the game for not hustling.

Ozzie on Rios, who was hitless and committed an error in the fifth:

“(He) don’t run the bases. That’s why I got him out of the game. It’s not (the first time) it’s happened. If you don’t play the game right, you’re out of the game.”

* In a much-too-familiar scenario, the White Sox hit into a pair of double plays in the first five innings that halted ralllies.

Ozzie on the loss:

“I don’t think we should feel bad because we earned it to lose this game. We deserved to lose. I think the way we played from the first inning, I don’t think we should have won this game at all. We had opportunities. The only thing about this game, we pitched well. Everything else was pretty bad.

After last night and the recent hitting woes of Adam Dunn and all the rest the five games in which we trail the Tigers seems like 20.

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