It’s the Offense, Stupid! (Part 2)

It’s now the Sox half of the sixth inning and I don’t see any reason not to start summing up what has become a lifeless effort by a team that has made underachieving an art form.

Last night it was Felipe Paulino, who was 0-6 entering the game, and today it is the much-travelled Bruce Chen who has shut the door on the dormant Sox offense in a disappointing 4-1 defeat. It’s really hard to believe.

As I’m writing, the Sox loaded the bases in the sixth with no out. What happens with the 2-3-4-5 hitters? Brent Morel goes 3-0, swings at ball four more than once and pops out. Adam Dunn walks to score a run, Paul Konerko strikes out and Carlos Quentin pops out. Bases loaded, nobody out and we score one run–on a walk. And we think we can win the division with these types of performances? Really? In the 7th, we got the leadoff man on base with a walk and he was erased via the double play. Sound familiar? And the eighth and ninth were a waste of lumber.

Like last night, the pitching was subpar. Today, Edwin Jackson gave one of his usual performances, pitching just well enough to lose. But it’s the lineup that’s most troubling, troubling from the beginning of the season to now, a week before the All-Star break. We expected so much more.

Think things have been bad vs. the Royals? Twins come in for four starting tomorrow. Can’t remember the last time we beat them.


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