Ozzie: “We Just Can’t Get it Done…I Don’t Know the Reason”

The truth is that there are myriad reasons why the once-promising White Sox summer has turned into one of frustration, disappointment, annoyance and bewilderment.

With the Indians showing that they’re in it for the long run (they scored five runs in the ninth last night to overcome a 4-0 Blue Jays lead), the Tigers right behind and the Twins poised to pass us, it all seems very bleak.

I’d like to think that the All-Star break will force the South Siders to take a collective breath, get away from the slide (now at three with three more against the Twins, who won 6-2 last night) and come back a different team.  But it may be more difficult than we think.

The one thing that is becoming apparent to me is that the Sox have a lack of “it.” That “it” factor that winning teams have. Whether it’s true or not, the Sox look old and lethargic and don’t seem to have the same energy as the others in their division. I realize that teams look this way when they’re not getting on base and scoring runs, but the constant failures of Adam Dunn, Alex Rios and their pals have to have a negative effective on the overall mood of the clubhouse. And I’m sure it is reflected in the standings, where the Sox have dropped to 5 1/2 games behind the Tribe.

Baseball being baseball, things could turn around in a heartbeat starting tonight in Game 2 against the Twins, despite the fact the Sox have lost eight in a row and 27 of the last 33 to Minnesota.

And apart from the obvious need–some consistent offense–I’d like to see a little bit of that “it” factor.  Don’t worry, I’ll know “it” when I see “it.”


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