Read it and Weep


A fascinating piece from by John Autin:

Perhaps lost in the glow of Edwin Jackson‘s shutout Saturday was another oh-fer by ChiSox DH Adam Dunn (0-4, 3 Ks).

Dunn’s batting average is now .159, giving him a 20-point “lead” in the backwards race for the worst qualifying BA in the live-ball era. Rob Deer currently holds that distinction with his .179 average in 1991; only one other qualified batter has finished below .190 in a live-ball season (Eddie Joost, .185 in 1943).

But the 91 years of the live-ball era may not be big enough to contain Dunn’s futility. So let’s cast the net all the way back to 1893, when the 60′ 6″ pitching distance was established. The only player with a qualified BA under .160 was the notorious non-hitting catcher Bill Bergen, who did it twice (while compiling a lifetime .170 average): .159 in 1906, matching Dunn’s current mark; and the all-time record of .139 in 1909. And Bergen’s 372 PAs in both seasons would not have qualified by the modern standard; the qualifying threshold at the time was 100 games.

In his last 47 games, Dunn is 19 for 161, a .118 average, with 76 strikeouts — 4 times his hit total. He has just two 2-hit games in that span, and the 2nd hit in one of those games came in the 14th inning. He has 3 Ks or more in 11 of his last 44 starts.

Dunn is 4 for 43 in July. That’s one less hit this month than Derek Jeter had in his 3,000th-hit game, and just one more hit than Jose Reyes had in the 12 innings he played this month before going on the DL.


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  1. Keleigh

    As I was saying to Catherine over at her blog, I’ve mentally sort of just given up on Adam Dunn. I have resigned myself to the fact that he is going to play 99% of the time, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he’s a giant black hole in the middle of the lineup, and I’m just now letting myself be surprised when he either a) takes a walk or b) somehow puts the ball in play. Trying to understand it was giving me a migraine.

    And, besides, for the moment, I’m having decidedly more fun directing my frustrations at Alex Rios.

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