Minnie Transcends Cooperstown

As a youngster, I was mesmerized by the electrifying talent of Minnie Minoso. So, when I was asked to be part of the White Sox team to make the case for Minnie’s Hall of Fame candidacy, it was one of the joys of my professional life.

As word came today that Minoso was three votes shy of the 75 percent needed for election, it hurt.  It hurts because it would have meant so much to Minnie, who has said, “My last dream is to be in Cooperstown–to be with those guys. I want to be there. This is my life’s dream.”

Minoso’s candidacy doesn’t come up again for another three years and who knows what will happen then.  As disappointed as we are right now, the truth is that while the Hall of Fame is the ultimate for a ballplayer it’s not the only thing that measures a major leaguer. If the love and respect from fellow Latino players, teammates and the city of Chicago mean anything, Minnie is in a shrine all of his own.


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