Oh, Brother!

John Danks said it himself after his subpar outing last night in the White Sox’s 7-5 loss to the Tribe: “The problem is I’m not making pitches and I’m getting my ass kicked out there.”

While pitching has been the club’s strength thus far, I would make the argument that Danks’ lack of success is the single most disappointing factor in the team’s young season. A few of the hitters have sputtered, but after showing their confidence in Danks with a mega contract in the offseason, the Sox were expecting the lefty to pick up where Mark Buehrle left off as the ace of the staff. It just hasn’t happened.

I’m not ready to give up on Danks. We’ve seen signs of brilliance and, in his own words, he “wants to be the guy.” But to state the obvious, he’s got to turn it around if the Sox are going to contend during the next few years.

Hope is Still Alive for Danks No. 2

While John has had his highs and lows since reaching the big leagues, brother Jordan Danks has had his struggles to make the majors. While he’s still striking out too much at AAA Charlotte (26 K’s in 27 games), there seems to be glimmer of hope that he’ll one day join his older sibling in “The Show.”  Jordan is currently hitting .292, with three homers, 13 RBIs and an on-base percentage of .404.  If it happens, better late than never.


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