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Sox Win, 9-2 (and it’s not a typo)

Finally. In a matter of 24 hours, the White Sox have gone from this…

to this…
Before we head to Detroit and face the likes of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, let’s celebrate last night as the seven-game losing streak is now a bad memory:
–Nine runs, 10 hits and no errors
–A solid six-inning performance by Gavin Floyd and scoreless innings by Will Ohman,  
  Sergio Santos and Jeff Gray
–The ageless Omar Vizquel‘s two hits and two RBIs
Paul Konerko‘s 3 for 5 with a pair of RBIs
Juan Pierre‘s 2 for 4 with three runs scored
Carlos Quentin‘s two-RBI double
Adam Dunn even had a hit and RBI
A.J. Pierzynski‘s two RBIs
After a menu of pitchers like Weaver, Haren, Price, Shields and Davis, next up is Verlander.
It is what it is.

How is Kenny Williams Feeling These Days?


                                     Is he angry about the horrible start?
kenny williams white sox ozzie argument-thumb-572xauto-219180.jpg
                                                   Is he blaming Ozzie?
                                 Is he on his cell trying to shake up the roster?
                                                         Is he tearful?
                              Is he blaming himself for the Jake Peavy deal?
              Is he experiencing guilt over disappointing his Commander in Chief?

Let’s hope that whatever our GM is feeling these days it will just be a bad memory as soon as the Sox turn things around.

Sox Skid Reaches 5, Will Try Again Tonight


Trust me, I’m trying.
In all my years of being a White Sox fan, believe me, I’ve been here before. But it never gets any easier and when you’re in the throes of this kind of losing streak it seems like it’s never going to end.
I’m a firm believer in hitting being contagious, both positively and negatively, and the Sox are currently making my point. It seems that everyone’s in a slump. And facing Jerod Weaver, Dan Haren and David Price hasn’t helped.
All we can do is drag out the old cliches–It’s Baseball, It’s a long season, It’s early–wait it out and hope we turn it around before the Tribe clinches the A.L. Central.
More Bad News: If the loss to the Rays and the five-game losing streak aren’t bad enough, the Sox suffered another huge blow last night. Jake Peavy, making a rehab start for Birmingham, left the game with “discomfort” after throwing just 15 pitches. This was supposed to be his second to last minor league start before joining the Sox at the end of April. Now, it’s anyone’s guess when he’ll return to the majors.

Road Trip


It was a 4-6 homestand filled with blown saves, errors and lack of clutch hitting against the Rays, A’s and Angels. As the White Sox head to Tampa Bay, Detroit and New York for 11 games in 11 days we can only hope that the quality of play will improve. 
The euphoria we felt after the Sox pummeled the Indians in the first two games of the season has been replaced with frustration and bewilderment. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. By the way, how’s the Tribe doing these days?
Perhaps the worst part of all of this is that the club brass, after loading up with payroll in the offseason, was counting on a quick start so the fans would start believing and proceed to fill the sets at the Cell. You have to wonder if the Sox faithful will continue to believe if the South Siders continue to reel.
I know, I know, it’s a long season. We’re only a game under .500 and gave a better effort today against a tough customer in Dan Haren. But it’s not only the won-lost record and the four-game losing streak that bothers me, it’s the way we’re playing. Sure, things could turn around in a heartbeat and these early season woes will just be a bad memory. But when? And we all know that the next three series will be anything but easy.
I’m waiting.

Give it Up for Freddy


Take a close look, because you probably will never again see a Yankee logo in this blog–at least in a positive light. But if you’re a reader of Art of the Pale Hose you know that all the members of the 2005 World Champions have lifetime immunity with my White Sox posse and me.
So, despite never having rooted for the Bronx Bombers–even for a single game–I owe it to Big Game Freddy to give him his due. This afternoon in The Bronx he threw six shutout innings, allowing just two hits, as he was the winning pitcher in the Yanks’ victory over the defending A.L. champion Rangers. It was his first win for the Yanks and the 134th of his outstanding 13-year major league career against just 87 losses.

A Win Would Be Nice

60938320.jpgIt was a wet, sloppy, messy night at the Cell. I’m talking about the weather AND the Sox performance on the field in the 4-3 loss to the Angels. Granted, there was no blown save and no extra inning heartbreaker, but it also didn’t do anything to inspire confidence that this is a special team.
On the positive side, Phil Humber was decent in his five innings. Jeff Gray was a welcome sight out of the pen holding the Halos at bay until Will Ohman got a key out in the eighth and Sergio Santos, the closer in waiting, shut the door in the ninth to give the South Siders a glimmer of hope. But in the end, the Sox failed to deliver with the potential tying and winning runs on base in the eighth and ultimately haunted by Brent Morel‘s earlier error that caused two unearned runs to score. 
With the way the Sox have been playing at home, it’s a little scary to think they’ll soon be off on an 11-game road trip to Tampa Bay, Detroit and New York. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing that they’ll be leaving their comfort zone and the boo birds who have been so critical of the bullpen and the porous defense.
No, I didn’t forget the Adam Dunn two-run homer off of Sox nemesis Jered Weaver on my list of positives. It was nice, but simply not enough.