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Give Credit Where Credit is Due

theclub-315aj071710.jpgI don’t know how the whole Manny Ramirez saga is going to play out, but I want to go on record as saying that the White Sox powers-that-be–Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen–deserve a great deal of credit for acquiring Manny and, in the process, doing everything they can to improve the Sox and help them win a championship.
Jerry, Kenny and Ozzie, the stars of the MLB Network’s “The Club,” get a great deal of criticism and, in my opinion, most of it is unfair. And I’m sure those same critics are ripping them for getting malcontent Manny, who has now been run out of both Boston and Los Angeles.
But the truth is, in my nearly 60 years of being a Sox fan, we’ve never had a group in charge that is more committed to winning (see 2005 for details). Whether or not Manny helps us win the A.L. Central is beside the point, I appreciate the effort.
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