6 Possible Explanations for the 9-2 Blowout

I can’t say last night’s 9-2 thrashing by the Twins was a big surprise, though I would have preferred a fifth straight win and the chance to get over the .500 mark.

1. First of all, it would have been natural to have a letdown after the emotionally-charged weekend sweep at Wrigley.

2. The off-day on Monday might very well have stifled the Sox momentum.

3. Earlier in the day, the Sox attended the funeral of popular batting practice pitcher/coach Kevin Hickey. So, the day probably manifested into more of a reflective one than an atmosphere suited for a hard-nosed victory on the baseball diamond.

4. We continue NOT to play our best ball against the Twins. We’ve gotten better lately, but I guess it’s something about those uniforms.

5. The Sox have trouble facing pitchers they’ve never seen.

6. If the first five points didn’t contribute to the disappointing loss, this one certainly did: Simply put, this kind of blowout happens in baseball.

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